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"just another day at the office! God's office!" p.4

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I wanted to let you know that my last blood work just showed my liver numbers are normal now.  The light helped!  Amazing!

-Diane R.

Dear Healing Miracle worker,

No words can say how I feel.  My thumb is still and not shaking for the first time since the last cast after surgery over two years ago.  I'm stunned, amazed and so grateful to you and Jodie and Jesus Christ.  I am at your debt and service for the rest of my earthly life, and soooo grateful.  I'm so happy.  Hope to see you soon and again... thank you beyond words.

 -Holly S.

I had a truly SPIRITUAL experience in the healing session after this morning’s services at XXXXX of Pensacola. There is no explanation you can give to the miracle of what happened today. Sacred Arts of healing are no joke and I have never been a skeptic. I was definitely ready and without doubt knew I was in "need" of this process. I felt years of pain and punishment, abuse and sorrow being purged from my soul. I’m in tears still. Couldn’t walk without assistance and was vibrating at a super high frequency with tingling sensations all over me. I AM WORTHY! I AM THE LIGHT! I AM THE ONE! And so it is!

 -Shannon S.


My first healing with Rich was very profound, I have just experienced my second healing with Rich and I decided to share my experience with everyone.  Firstly, before starting Jesus appeared at my feet and stayed there.  There was a lot of white, purple, blue and green light as Rich started to work on me.  My right hand fingers would not stop moving,  I was being lifted into another dimension.  There were sparkling lights and so much peace.  I felt that this was where I will be ascending to when I leave this earth plane, as I know I will be helping those in need when they cross over, those who are troubled souls.  This was a confirmation as I had been given this info shortly before I came to Rich for my healing.   As I lay there on the table my whole body began to heal so that I will be a clear channel to continue to help people while I am here on this earth plane.  

My protection symbol that I always wear around my neck was flipping up and down, even Rich said afterwards that he saw it moving!  I felt that stuff that no longer served me was being pulled out of my body as I lay there.  There were angels and deities all around me.  My third eye opened to it's full capacity.  All of my chakras opened and I felt full of love, light and peace.  When it was time to come back I was still very spacey and out there!  it took a while to come back to reality.  Rich said he removed a negative entity that was attached to me and it will never come back, they are not allowed to penetrate through me anymore!  Thanks be to God and Rich as the facilitator and all of his helpers.  I feel so blessed.

-Lyla. Fort Walton Beach FL


"through the Sacred Space, in essence, we are knocking on the door of the Sacred Domain! If the door is open, all bets are off! Anything and everything is possible in" the virtual sea of all potentiality" where the Holy Vibration can manifest anything."p.50

For two sessions prior to the one described below, I have attended SLI with the intent/hope of having my fingers healed of a constant sensation of tingling. Last Thursday evening while I was awaiting my turn for the healing table, I entered a state of peacefulness and was sending light and love to the session in progress. After this session and before mine I noticed my fingers were no longer tingling! 

 Thanking God and all those at SLI for facilitating this healing. 

-Susan H. 


I am currently going through chemotherapy treatment for cancer which has left me weary, nauseous and with a lack of appetite.  As I began to rest on the healing table I became aware of my inner light (purple, green, gold, white) swirling or perhaps pulsing within me.  My experience was that of stillness, peace and rest to the point of very shallow breathing with no concern, worry or thought, just an observer witnessing the stillness.   After my initial healing I regained my appetite and the nausea subsided to the point where I no longer was in need of medication to treat it.  Prior to my second healing my voice was very faint to the sound of a whisper and I was feeling tired and lethargic with hardly any energy.  Immediately after the healing I was laughing and chatty and my voice was significantly stronger.  I was high!! and filled with energy, gratitude and clarity.

-Ed B. 

I just wanted to say thank you for the healing, It is a day that I will ALWAYS remember.

-Mollie S. 

"a Sacred Space is defined as any space or area that has been dedicated to a holy purpose. It's a place where Believers can encounter the Divine in a special and Powerful way, a powerful bridge to Awakening the god part of us!"p.46

Hi Rich,
Wanted to say thank you for offering to share your gift of healing with me and to let others know about my experience with you.  When we attended a meeting about a year ago I sat at Rich's table. During the meeting I kept thinking that I wanted to ask you for his help, but being somewhat new to the group, I was reluctant to ask - plus it is SO HARD to ask for help! Well, as it turned out, I did not have to ask - when the presentation was over and we stood up Rich looked at me and said "I have a feeling that you want to ask me something". Well naturally I admitted that I was thinking  of asking for his help as my foot was not responding well to a recent surgery. He immediately said "of course" and pulled out a chair and asked me to sit down. I sat down and closed my eyes and had no idea as to what to expect. I felt warmth in different areas and waited until he tapped me on the shoulder and said he was finished.

I noticed the first change/improvement when I got in the car to drive home. It was night and I felt as if someone had removed sunglasses and my vision was much clearer. I had been told I was getting cataracts and with the change being so gradual, I had not noticed how much my vision had changed. My vision has continued to improve and my vision at night is greatly improved.  I also had been noticing severe pain in one of my fingers from arthritis. It was a constant throbbing pain. One finger was becoming so painful that I was ready to see if it could be removed! (Actually I was going to see if a Dr could recommend something). That evening I also noticed that I no longer had no pain in that finger and to this day that finger/hand  is virtually pain free.  I have no idea as to what else Rich may have improved for me at that time, I just know that what he did was truly amazing.   I also went to see him a couple of weeks ago as my neck is very stiff. That also seems to be moving more easier than before.
I would recommend his healing to anyone!
Take care,     -Marcy Martin     

Tks, Rich... my dad felt better immediately... he's been taking it easy since then.
I especially appreciate your visit knowing you're rushed to travel (I know how exhausting this can be).
also appreciate the offer to work long distance if necessary..
-Catherine Cogorno

The remote healing sessions you did for Alexa were quite remarkable.  Her response physically was profound, she was able to eat anything she wanted, sleep without having her head elevated, forgot to take pain medication because she had no pain and had the stamina to go out with her friend Linda for eight hours of shopping!  Not something you see in metastatic lung cancer that has spread to the brain.  She showed absolutely no signs of illness. Because she had no health insurance of any kind there were not scans or x-rays available to confirm her healing, but she had more energy and mobility than she had experienced in several years.  You have a remarkable gift and I am very grateful that you shared it with my friend.  Many blessings to you and yours.
-Melanie Middelmann

Rich Berry is an excellent healer.  Last year he did a distance healing for me. I felt his consciousness enter my body and work it's way down to my sprained ankle with torn ligaments. Within 4 days I was able to walk again on it -- a much speedier recovery than normal.   I recommend his services to anyone.
-Liz Muellken

"in a true Sacred Space, there is a vortex of energy that supports the spiritual work. Because of that many encounter powerful Spiritual Beings and sometimes also loved ones during a Sacred Light Infusion healing."p46

Richard Berry has been a friend of mine now for almost 20 years. I was first introduced to him as my Remote Viewing instructor. He knew his stuff there and did an awesome job of remote viewing. In later years we became reacquainted again through energy healing work, First the sacred light energy', and then Matrix Energetics. We have done many healings on each other over the years and I have found Rich to be one of the most powerful healers that I have known. Caring, compassionate, and intuitive are wonderful qualities of a successful energy healer, and Rich strongly possesses all three. Rich sees and feels things that most are completely unaware of. Intelligent, yet so aware that there is much more to learn in this life. A true and loyal friend,  I would put Rich in my corner any day of the week. So trust me, you are in good hands with "Allstate" no I mean "Rich Berry". :-) Just wanted you to feel the power of those words.
-Ginny Blankenship, Energy Healer, Rosebud,  Mo. 

I am 19 years old and have damaged both of my knees.  My left knee was twisted and running into a brick wall didn't help it either. Rich did a healing session on me.  I had no idea what to expect. Within 30 minutes after the session.  All the pain was gone.  The next day at work my left knee made a pop so loud my coworkers asked me what the loud noise was.  I told them my twisted knee just went back into place on it's own. I can now run and jump over fences again. If I would have dreamed that Rich could do this I would've beat his door down for a healing. 

-Bobby Taylor

Thank you Rich, for what you did for Trudy in the hospital. You do outstanding work, and I just want you to know how much it is appreciated. I am glad we are friends and more. 

-Don Brown

Thanks Rich! You are God Sent.  


Dear Rich, as you probably recall, Claude called you around 2 AM Friday, May 12, 2006, to ask your help in sending healing energy to me. I was in a critical state and Claude felt he wasn't doing enough for me. Thank you for your extraordinary effort  in sending healing energy to me in the wee hours of May 12 and once again a week later. I was indeed in a critical state, very near death, and I feel your contribution made the difference that turn me back from Deaths Door. One of my three surgeons said I have been to hell and back, with massive wounds and every possible complication.  I feel lucky to be alive and I'm grateful for the healing energy you sent me. With deepest gratitude, 

-Marian Swanson

In observing a Sacred light energy healing session I witnessed the light of energy surrounding and flowing from Mr. Berry's hands. It was especially noted between the second and third fingers of the left hand. Moving in a circular motion toward the client as he stood at least 12 inches away.

-Debra Warren

Hi Rich,
Just dropping a note to say I saw a faint yellow light that resembled swirling smoke coming off your hands during the healing demo you did at our church.  Plus, it seemed as if I could see your hands in more than one dimension at a time on occasion.  It was simply an amazing thing to see.  Thanks for the work you are doing for everyone.
-Liz Muelken

"for the greatest piece of evidence that there is a God here on Earth, is the Light, the same Light that can alter reality!" p.60

As printed on Face Book:
Went to a healer named Rich Berry at XXXXX Church . Breathing easier, pain in lungs and throat all but gone. www.thelightwirhinus. net
Pain in lung and throat entirely gone right now. No respiratory problems. No blood, no cough. Wow.
- Professor Ike Bear

I'm pleased to be able to share my experience of working with Richard Berry.  I’m not new to the energy healing field, quantum mechanics, spirituality, or any of the related fields.  I too have been trained in many forms and have worked for years helping others.  I’ve known a number of individuals who are sensitive and gifted and do energy work.  I’ve met more that wish they could.  I’ve experienced many with talent for healing, from zero to twenty.  I’ve often been disappointed by promises that never manifest, so I was more than pleased to meet and work with Rich.
Not only is he a charming and friendly man, he truly is gifted and learned in his applied area of healing.  Rich does two forms of energy work, Sacred light energy Healing , and Matrix Energy.  I never know which form he will chose for me when I climb on the table, but I honestly don’t care, as the result are always good.  I’ve had others work on me who have claimed to used one or another of these forms, and I’ve never felt or seen the results I have as when working with Rich.  In his sessions I always feels the energy around me, always get visual images, and always feel better when he is done.  Rich is the real deal.

I encourage you to stop looking around for an energy worker and make an appointment with Rich.  You will not regret it.
- Victoria G. Fortner  RH-AHG
Native American artist and speaker

"You're healings have helped me more with my emotional problems then anyone else was ever able to" 

My father-in-law was recently at our home for a short visit. His legs and feet had been greatly Swollen despite taking medication. Rich did one healing for him at our home. Within two days the swelling was completely gone. His legs and feet look normal. Awesome!
-Kat Schrader

After the healing session my back felt much better especially the next morning. My fingers usually are swollen(arthritis) in the mornings and I have trouble getting my rings on, but the next morning after the session, they slid right on.

My oncologist  was very surprised that I had successfully, and so quickly was put on remission with lung cancer. I feel the healing sessions really helped me with that goal.
-Lorraine Krewet

When the session was over, I felt the same ... Well a little more relaxed. I was hoping my injured hand would feel better and it did but that's not all. In construction I'm always going up and down ladders and I do a lot of walking and my left knee would let me know it had enough. After the session, Not One Bad Day! The results are obvious. It works! 
-Scott S

After the healing session I began doing better and have been better most days since. Sincerely 
-Dan Black

I came to Rich for my back pain. It feels a little bit better. My feet also had considerable pain. Now I hardly have any pain at all in my feet.  Thank you! 
-Chris  Lincoln

Rich Berry "You have brought me peace". Awesome! 
-Maddie (fourth grade)

I was hurt two years ago in a car accident and suffered damage to my left knee and two ruptured discs in my back.  After two of Rich's healing sessions, my back continues to heal, and my knee does not hurt when I bend or squat. While driving I can now sit flat where as before I sat on one hip or the other due to ruptured disks. A physical healing!
-M L Manning

I have suffered a serious injury 28 years ago which left me partially paralyzed. I was anxious to have Rich do a total of three healings.  After the second healing I have regained the use of my leg and foot. (see video) I also can now stand straight up and walk freely.  I threw my cane away! WOW! 
-(client wishes to remain anonymous)

Dear Rich, Thank you so much for all that you do. I am feeling much better and very uplifted.  See you next week.  Love and light.