Sacred Light Infusion TM

  Sacred Light Infusion TM

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Rev. Rich Started his journey as a young man with a desire to better understand the true nature of life and the universe. His love of science and search for answers would eventually lead to the real source of our material world. "The World of Spirit. "...

Rich lives in the Pensacola, Florida area. From there he continues to do healings and encourages people to realize that their true essence is their spirit, their soul, the potential of all things, the source of all consciousness.

Today Rev. Rich Berry is one of the most significant healers as well as a spiritual inspiration for many people who reach out to him.

Rich started his metaphysical journey in 1996 as a "self-taught" remote viewer. In 1998 Rich was a successful remote viewing instructor. He would come to realize that the "Gift of the Seer" is one of the several great gifts of Spirit. Remote viewing would lead him on a spiritual path to the greatest gift of Spirit.  "The ability through the Infinite to heal others."


Rich also has been a guest speaker for various metaphysical and spiritual groups since 1999.

 One day in 2002 Rich's prayer request to the "Infinite" would be granted. A very powerful healing force would start radiating out of Rich's hands. His fingers would move on their own and he would feel this powerful force moving throughout his body for many months.     

He was reminded of the following quote. "ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you."   For everyone who asks receives, and for everyone who searches finds, and for everyone who knocks, The door will be open. Rich states that every thought triggers a response, nothing is lost in the universe. Divine Intelligence manifest whatever we can imagine.    

Over the years many people have reported healings when coming in contact with this 'Sacred Light' force.  Rich feels very fortunate and blessed to have helped relieve their suffering, while using this "great gift "from Spirit.

Rich is part of the family at the Living Insights Center  in St. Louis Missouri. He is considered to be one of the "Anchors"of the center, and has personally witnessed miracles performed there.  He is also a member of Unity of Pensacola where he performs healings on a Love Offering basis on the last Sunday of each month at noon and also on the second Thursday evening of each month at 7pm.

Rev. Rich Berry's Life's Mission is to help people realize their potential that they have forgotten in this life. To teach constantly that it is a huge mistake to believe that we only exist physically. Through his healings he continues to connect people back to the "Great Light" in this plane.

Rich is also the proud father of 3 children and  5 grandchildren.

Rich is a significant contributor to Physicist Dr Claude Swanson's well acclaimed  book "LifeForce the Scientific Basis," in addition he appears on the cover, edition 2009-2010.

Dr Claude Swanson

Rich explains what it's like to experience a healing and encounter the white light of God. October 2016.

Enya (Shepherd Moons)