Sacred Light Infusion TM

  Sacred Light Infusion TM

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Quotes to inspire you that are close to our hearts.

Jesus said to his disciples, about his miraculous healing abilities, "All this shall you do and more, if you have faith". -Jesus

"The light exist inside everyone. When we go inside to find out who we are, we encounter the light and God at the same time".  -Deepak Chopra.          

"Realize that at the fundamental level the essence of all objects is light". -Matrix Energetics.          
"I am He who exist from the undivided.  It is I who am the light.   I am The Am. Everything came from me. Split open a piece of wood and I am there. Part the stone and you will find me. " -Jesus

"You are the light of the world. Let your light shine before all
men". -Jesus                   

Jesus said,"if anyone ask, where do you come from?"  Tell them,"we came from the light, from the place where the light came into being of its own accord." If they ask,"are you that light?"  Tell them,  "we are its children, the chosen ones of the living father" -The Third Jesus.                      

"Out of consciousness everything else is built. The world consist of images on the screen, and consciousness is the study light that emanates from the projector." -Deepak Chopra.

"We are eternal beings of light in consciousness. We are co-creators of our own reality. The creator has conceived it this way. How could it be otherwise?"  -Rich Berry.

"The light comes not from without, but from within.... Your life is providing that light."  -Solomon speaks.  

I am receiving the gift of a "spiritual warrior" to remove obstacles from people. -Rich Berry & Spirit

I call these  Rich's  Mantra's 

They are words that were given to him by spiritual beings over the years. 


"You will see what others cannot, It is necessary for what you are about to become" 

"Remember what you have forgotten"

"It is you're time to heal"   

"Your future is already finished, it is just waiting for you to step into it"     

Rich  remember– "With great power comes great responsibility,  You must know that you are a master"

"We are here to tell you to continue doing what you're doing. What you're doing is bringing light and information to the planet"  -The Reconnection

"Service of the light is service of the infinite" - Matrix energetics

"Even greater miracles than these ye shall do also" -Jesus 

"Physician, heal thyself" -Jesus