Sacred Light Infusion TM

A Healing Ministry


Meet our Sacred Light Infusion TEAM

"the worthy Souls that are in a sense, resurrected as Healers, continue to spread goodness and Light on this planet."p.89

"the more we are in Union with God through inner work, the more we are rewarded with awesome abilities and special spiritual gifts."p.90

 "on occasion, someone watching a healing will be stunned to see the Sacred Purple Light, or the white light beaming slightly off of hands or fingertips of the healers."p.17 

We are delighted to introduce our 

Independent Sacred Light Infusion Facilitators!


Pensacola Team

Reverend Rich Berry Founder

Karen St Clair Level 3

Carol A. Green Level 3

Charlie H. Felts Level 3

Northwest Florida

Dianne Bayless Level 2

Juli Loftis Level 2

Rev. Lee Carlton Level 1

Rev. Sandy O'steen Level 2

Pat Howes Level 2

Jeri Hollandsworth Level 1

Atlanta, GA

Tullio Lowd Level 3


Pamela E Raptis Level 1

Rev. Alisan Rowland Level 1


Lyla Lee Royer Level 2

Ko Phangan, Thailand

Oxana Makarova Level 2

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Robert K George Level 1

Honorable Member:

Physicist Dr. Claude Swanson

St Louis, Missouri

Andrew J. Powell level 2

Debra A. Warren Level 2 

Elizabeth Muelken  Level 1

Holly Kowall  Level 1  

Barbara Wilson Jacobs  Level 1

Jane Kmitto Level 1

Patricia Tocco  Level 1

Mary Blodgett  Level 1

Connie Trunk Level 1

Crestview, FL

Brandi Jane Hertzog Level 1

Nathan J White Level 1

"The wonderful and awesome people that have come to join the Sacred Light Infusion Healing Ministry are from all walks of life and all ages. There are some powerful common themes that now run throughout all of them;

1. They have all had a Great Awakening to the potential that has it existed within them.

2. They realize that they have been called to do something highly meaningful in their lives. They're out making a difference in the world, a real difference is they continue to align with their true purpose in life.

3. With the pull towards Spirit being very real, they are a vessel for spreading God's Light around the Earth.

4. They are on a true Shaman's Journey, learning to be" Masters" of a" great sacred healing Light."

5. They are experiencing their own healings, physical, emotional, and spiritual... healings that they did not ask God for. He healed them because he wanted to!

6. They are true Seekers realizing that the time for miracles is now.

7. They know that omnipotent  God is the only true healer.

8. They are experiencing firsthand, through their healing sessions, actual contact with God!"p.92