Sacred Light Infusion TM

A Healing Ministry


Reverend Rich Berry


 "but Rich believes his concept of healing energy goes beyond these basic concepts, and connects to the higher spiritual realms. Like some other powerful Healers, he'd views healing as a cooperative process with the patient and the world of Spirit, of God."p.viii


"in this venture, I believe he is following his life sacred calling. He has been a blessing to me in too many people who know him."p.viii


"out of nowhere, I felt powerful vibrations come over me."p.4


"it was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I started feeling a powerful force come off my hands."p.5


"we are Eternal beings of Light in Consciousness. We are co-creators of our own reality. The Creator has conceived it that way. How else could it be otherwise?"p.64


"but through the direct application of powerful spiritual laws, reality can be altered. The Light can shape itself into anything at will."p.64


"for a  number of reasons, I have decided to devote the latter part of my life to the mission of Sacred Light Infusion."p.89

Rich is a significant contributor to Physicist Dr Claude Swanson's well acclaimed  book "LifeForce the Scientific Basis," in addition he appears on the cover, edition 2009-2010.

-Dr Claude Swanson

Rich explains what it's like to experience a healing and encounter the white light of God. October 2016.