Sacred Light Infusion TM

A Healing Ministry

Reverend Rich Berry's long awaited book is here.
It is available at Amazon in paperback or Kindle versions.

"Sacred Light Infusion is direct contact with Spirit. It's Spirit that you can feel!" p.11

Services offered:

  • We offer on-site and remote healings. 
  • In person healing can be arranged in the greater Pensacola area.
  • Long distance healing world wide is available.
  • Available as Guest speaker for small groups in the greater Pensacola area.
  • Newly available; "Become a Healer Program" for those who have a calling to heal others. 

For appointments please contact Reverend Rich Berry directly at

"the Core of Sacred Light Infusion is applying our true essence of Divine Light as we transcend into the Kingdom of God within." p.13


"this is a no touch method, a simple passing over of the hands for approximately 30 minutes. The healing force that comes off our hands goes automatically to the person's aura or human energy field as some would call it. At no time during the healing is there any physical touching." p.13

We do not diagnose, treat or prescribe. This is not a substitute for medical treatment.  There is no physical touching as we work within a person's energy field.  We do not claim to cure. People who have come in contact with this "Sacred Light" have reported healings.

"we have many real people reporting real miracles." p.15


"what we do have is access to this powerful force of Light from Spirit!" p.21


"the Light that resides within us is our Lifeforce." p.79


"infused into every soul is the ultimate truth, Son of God!" p.91


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"fortunately, there exists a true healing Light, a Light so powerful that it can at times, alter someone's reality, restoring them to wholeness. I also discovered over the years that the Sacred Light can be transferred," infused" if you will, into another person, another soul, so that they too can heal, hence the name, Sacred Light Infusion." p.xv


"the need for people to have a direct experience of God has never been greater. The need for Healers with real spiritual healing power has also never been greater." p.xv

"so, what is this mysterious force that is called Sacred Light Infusion? A force that's mighty enough and dynamic enough at times, to alter someone's reality resulting in their healing?" p.2


"With Sacred Light Infusion as we pass our hands over someone, hands that are guided by Spirit, they emit a powerful force, a Spiritual Healing Light. It's the same Light that gave our bodies life. It's the same Light that maintains our bodies, making Sacred Light Infusion the most natural and simplest form of healing that I am aware of." p.3

Enya (Shepherd Moons)